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There are 2 Simple Steps to Get Started - Scroll Down To See Both

While we love cell phones, these 2 steps are best done from a computer.

Step 1: Sign Up!

At this button you can:

1. Extend your licenses if you're an existing Research Hive User

2. Send us your team's name/email info so we can create your users

3. Send us your other trials

We like to help with data entry to make the sign-up process easy for you.


Step 2: Sign our BAA (or send us yours)

Send us a BAA that you want to use (, or you can access our free BAA by clicking the button below.

If you are already a Research Hive customer and have signed a BAA with us, skip this step!

If you haven't downloaded Research Hive to your smart phone from the Play Store or App Store, 

grab your cell phone and search Research Hive in your store. You can also download it on iPad.


Want users to login from a computer instead of a smartphone? Have them save this link:

How-To Videos are also available from the same link. 



Did You  Know?

We can help you get more referrals from sources OUTSIDE your institution. If you're interested in us contacting referring providers for you, send an email to and we'll get started!



Once we get your information give us a day or two, and we'll have you all set up. Your users will get emails directly from us. 

If at any time you need help, would like a demo, or just to talk about how best to use Research Hive in your setting, email us at, or submit a demo request below!