Canadian User and Admin Login and

How-To Videos

Remember, Research Hive is a mobile application designed for your cell phone, so if possible please use the mobile application to login as a standard (non-admin) user. 

If you ever need help, just email or request a live WebEx at the bottom of this page.


Use this button to access Research Hive from a Desktop

(for the best experience, please use the mobile app on a smart phone, but this button will work to access the mobile app from a computer)

This button will take you to the user login screen for Research Hive. This is NOT for Admins to manage the site, but this is for users who want to refer patients, see the referral list, and see the list of studies from a computer. 

This feature is currently in beta and is being updated. 


Use this button to access the Administrative Website for Research Hive. Only Admins can access.

With Admin Credentials (not the same as your mobile app credentials) you can:

1. Add new users, reset passwords

2. Edit study documents or add new documents

3. Edit study details or add new studies

4. Run reports of all referrals


How to Videos


All Users:

How to Refer a Patient


For Admins Only:

How to Add a User to Research Hive


For Admins Only:

How to Reset a Password