Innovation in Clinical Research Matters | So Do You

Why do we innovate in clinical research?

After all, many investigators are extremely cautious to try something new and are resistant to change something that ‘works’. The answer; because it matters.

Clinical Research Innovation Matters

Clinical Research Innovation Matters

Patients need access to better treatments.

Those of us in the industry have an obligation to do everything we can to find them. We all have different roles. Some have the incredibly challenging job of calling potential volunteers to pre-screen them for a trial. Others are in a lab working odd hours processing samples. Many work on projects for years pre-clinical only to have the majority of their work fail to move forward. Very few ever come face-to-face with an actual patient.

Once a possible treatment has successfully made it’s way to the coveted Phase III of the relentless but necessary pre FDA-approval phase, many millions of hours and many more millions of dollars have been invested. Still, most treatments will fail to reach a single patient via prescription.

The clinical research industry continues to challenge even the most passionate because of the tireless energy required to have a meaningful impact. If you’re personally in the industry, congratulations and thank you for persevering. Everything everyone does everyday in the industry matters. You could be making copies of source documents or informed consents as a research assistant. That was my first job in the industry. You could also be a global trial leader, having risen to the top of your field, responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of people’s lives volunteering to take a medication your company has created. The latter cannot succeed without many in the former’s position unwilling to quit until the job is done.

Every clinical research  job matters

Every clinical research job matters

At Research Hive, we’ve built a tool that can make a difference.

So far, every clinical trial that a sponsor has promoted license subscriptions to Research Hive for ALL their sites has completed enrollment EARLY, or is currently ahead of schedule. This is a big claim, but we’re proud of it. It’s impossible to claim that 100% of the reason for early trial completion is because many of the sites use Research Hive, but it’s also hard to claim that Research Hive hasn’t helped substantially.

It’s important to NEVER lose a possible volunteer that has been pre-qualified by a physician. It’s even more important for investigators to know which concomitant medications are prohibited, while they’re in the exam room trying to improve a non-related adverse event. A simple document placed within Research Hive makes it easy to avoid a potentially dangerous mistake.

We owe it to ourselves, our peers, and patients globally who are sick and have no (or too few) options for treatment. Don’t quit. Stay the course. Innovate relentlessly, even when nearly everyone discourages you. If you’re not currently working in clinical research and are still reading this, reach out and I’ll personally help you get started.