Text, emails, post-it-notes, tracking down a coordinator….

Unsecure methods of sending patients to the research team are also inefficient.  Research Hive enables providers to send Referrals securely and instantly with a swipe of the thumb, and see their status in the recruiting process.

Instantly access the Status of all protocols and Referrals when and where you need to.  

Healthcare Providers are busier than ever.

Instantly access the Status of all protocols and Referrals when and where you need to.  

With providers moving clinics, it is challenging to recruit.

Research Hive keeps providers and staff informed , facilitating Pre-Screening, Referring and even conducting an unscheduled visit. Study Contacts and Documents ensure adherence at all times. 

The subject visits, the queries, monitoring visits, drug accountability…It all has to be done accurately, on-time, and for all of your protocols.

Research Hive is Here to Help


Over 85% of all referrals at sites are generated by only 1-2 key referring providers. 

While other providers with similar access to patients, staff and trials under-perform. Equip all of your providers with the details they need to talk to points about the trial wherever they see patients. 

Handling referrals that do not meet inclusion criteria slows down site staff.

Generate highly qualified referrals that meet eligibility and remain in the protocol longer. The Key Study Details and Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria ensure that providers pick the right subjects for trials.

Site staff are too busy to actively recruit from the community.

Accept direct referrals from providers outside of the research site instantly and securely. Expand the clinical trial site by engaging more community physicians while providing access to participate in trials to their patients.


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