Ready to sign up now for your free* Research Hive subscription, courtesy of Genentech? 

*Specifically for VA2 sites only, as designated by Genentech
There are only 3 steps! But please do all 3. Below step 3 is a HIPAA security document if you are interested.


Please use your computer to sign up initially


Please use your computer to review and execute the BAA. 

Large Institutions: If your legal team needs us to sign your Institution's BAA, email it to

See below Step 3 for HIPAA compliance information if your IT team needs it. 

STEP 3: 

To download Research Hive using the buttons below, grab your cell phone, open this page, and click the button below for your app store. It may take up to 1 business day to review the information you submit from Steps 1 and 2 before you will receive credentials to log in. 

Once we receive your site's information, we will send each user login credentials to access the mobile application, with all of your protocols pre-loaded, typically within 1 business day. 

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