Research Hive Is Better Than Ever: Pre-Screens & Notifications


Research Hive has grown to further increase your stream of referrals through our powerful new Pre-Screen feature. The feature allows staff to add patients to Research Hive in advance of appointments. It is the same as flagging charts, we are just doing it electronically and more efficiently. Imagine being able to notify the physician and any selected staff of a potential patient just prior to their appointment. Everyone can be prepared and available to discuss the clinical trial with the patient. This results in an increase in referrals, more treatment options for patients, and ultimately an increase in overall site enrollment numbers.  

The Pre-Screen feature was built to be user-friendly, just like the rest of Research Hive. To access the feature simply click on the Pre-Screens button from the main screen. To add a new patient, the user will need to press the + sign in the bottom right-hand corner and then enter the patient’s information and appointment time. The site can determine not only which physician, but also which staff member will receive notifications of the upcoming appointment. This feature has been high in demand by sites and we are very pleased with the outcome and its effectiveness during testing.  


Other features have been added as well such as the Notifications Center, also accessible from the main screen. This message board keeps users up-to-date on any changes happening to their referrals and studies, such as if there is a new referral, updated referral, or changes to content of a study, which could be critical inclusion/exclusion changes

Also, admins can now edit referrals in the Admin Panel, and customize the period for the referral graph. Lastly, those using computers can now refer directly from the web panel dashboard.

Bug fix.png

There have been minor bug fixes made including the Advanced Search Field for Android. Previously Android users did not see a cursor to type with in the Advanced Search Field. This has now been resolved and users can now see a cursor to type with.