#1 Best Patient Recruitment Tool: Physician Confidence in the Protocol

Clinical Research App Creates Physician Confidence

Think back to all of your trials with your teams over the years. One thing likely stands out as the most consistent method to improve patient recruitment; doctors knowing who to look for.

Anyone who has been in the industry for a few years has been to numerous investigator meetings for this very purpose. The problem with these meetings? Only one physician is trained (assuming they stay engaged in the content of the meeting), they are trained once, then they are back to their busy clinic. There needs to be a method for every physician in a group or university to have the same advantage and confidence as if they attended the meeting, every week. 

Solutions from the archives have been laminated pocket protocols, pocket inclusion/exclusion criteria (both literally mini pieces of paper meant to be carried in a physician’s pocket), repetitive emails from coordinators reminding physicians of recruiting studies, coordinators pre-screening ALL patients coming into the clinic to flag charts, and a host of other less-effective means. Wouldn't it be great if all of this information were available on a device that is already in all of their pockets, and can be updated immediately and constantly? 


App for Clinical Research Creates Confidence

Most recruitment and information tools are aimed at improving physician’s confidence, as this is not a new concept to improve recruitment and shorten timelines for pharma/device development.

There is now one tool that achieves the goals of all of it's predecessors, just better. Check out Research Hive and see for yourself what so many have already learned. It's not just a reference, but an active participant in your research department. 

Improve Physician Confidence in the Protocol = Improve Recruitment = Improve Lives Faster