New Research Hive Site Sees 372% Increase in Patient Referrals

What happens when Research Hive is deployed within a site network?

Research Hive can be a game-changer for any clinical research site, regardless of how well they handle patient recruitment.

One of our recent customers with sites in Florida and Alabama has been using Research Hive since late 2016 with 2 separate groups of physicians. One group has seen a 372% increase in referrals to their research department, and the other has seen a 105% increase. They attribute this success to Research Hive. See below. We're proud to have them as a happy customer, and happy to play a small role in helping them find more patients for their clinical trials. 

We have seen the number of physicians willing to refer increase dramatically due to the ease of doing so that the app brings to the table. We have drastically increased the number of engaged physicians/providers that are aware of research and identifying patients for trials. For physicians that aren’t connected with us, the numbers have gone up from 2 to 4X.
— Melanie R. VanDemark, M.D., FAAFP, CPI, Accel Clinical Research

CEO of Accel Clinical Research, Carlos Orantes,  Speaks About Research Hive

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