Clinical Trial Sites Benefit From Research Hive Software

By far my favorite feature is the fact that I am alerted that there has been a new referral.
— Molly S. from Tennessee

Our team recently reached out to a few of our highest-performing sites nationwide, just to learn how well they are doing with patient recruitment using Research Hive.

Unsurprisingly, getting physician involvement is key! Sites can still be successful without it, but getting just one or two clinical research investigators to log in regularly will really boost enrollment in your trials.

How has Research Hive helped your research team thus far?

Research Hive has helped tremendously by allowing the doctors to review inclusion/exclusion criteria for each study instead of calling me in every time they identify a potential patient. This frees up my time as a coordinator. I can log into Research Hive and review the list of referrals and start reviewing their charts more in depth. Research Hive has allowed us to create a database of potential patients. When my PI asks how many potential patients we have for a certain trial all I have to do it click on the app. We are involved in multiple trials and have several doctors referring. There is no way I could keep up without Research Hive.                      - Molly S. from Tennessee

Research Hive has made it easier to access trial information for everyone in the convenient form of a mobile app. Inclusion/exclusion criteria is at the touch of your fingertips. It’s really helped streamline patient referrals by having them in a central location and allowing us to 'queue' these potential subjects with active status reports. Research Hive allows us to boost our pre-screen activity. The monthly bar graphs make it easy for each provider to have a 'friendly competition' with each other.                         - Philip L. from Texas

What is your favorite feature of Research Hive?

By far my favorite feature is the fact that I am alerted that there has been a new referral. The doctors don’t have to page me. I get the notification and they know I will head their way to discuss. It’s especially helpful when I am out of the office. The doctors don’t have to worry that I will miss a referral.
— Molly S. from Tennessee
Our favorite feature of Research Hive is the ease of navigation. All of the information needed is a few ‘clicks’ away vs the alternative of flipping through pages among pages to find the information needed.
— Philip L. from Texas

Do you have any tips for a new site for how to get their doctors on board?

Show the doctors the app, walk them through it. It’s easy! Show them how they can simply take a picture of the patient’s EMR number and send it. Show them how to see inclusion/exclusion.
— Molly S. from Tennessee
The ease of use, quick access to information, and the user metrics should be considered for getting buy-in for new doctors to get on board.
— Philip L. from Texas
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Our team really enjoys helping research sites meet their full potential. It’s great to be able to make a small difference in a way that results in more patients finding treatment options faster.

Across the clinical trial industry, anything we can do to speed up the process of testing new treatments will benefit humanity tremendously. The faster we get trials completed, the faster patients get better treatments at their local doctor’s office.

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