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Q: Who should talk to patients about clinical trials?


Q: How can trial sponsors help make that happen? 

A: Research Hive

Millions of patients have appointments every day. 98% never hear about clinical trials.  WHY?

There are many reasons, but most boil down to the doctor's limited knowledge of the trials available.

Even at sites actively participating in studies, there are almost ALWAYS physicians that don’t participate. Our team at Research Hive figured out this is typically because of a lack of confidence in the trial criteria.

When a physician lacks confidence about a trial's criteria, they just won't talk about it. 




Research Hive helps physicians keep clinical trials at the top of their list when considering their patient’s future care. Trials aren’t right for every patient, but ALL patients can benefit in any number of ways.

We’ve all been affected in some way by Cancer, Heart Failure, and Diabetes. Our goal at Research Hive is to bring just as much attention to every single clinical trial being performed in every corner of the world, so that the scientific community can learn AS FAST AS POSSIBLE what works and what doesn’t, pivot, and try again. We can't beat diseases without volunteers in clinical trials.

Help us help you.

Talk about Research Hive at your next department meeting, your next section meeting, your next investigator meeting, your next strategic planning meeting. Find out what physicians coast-to-coast have learned:

Research Hive helps facilitate meaningful patient-doctor conversations about studies.